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Where To Find LEGO On Sale & Popular LEGO Deals

Delighting children and adults alike, LEGO sets have been a mainstay of playrooms worldwide for decades. However, LEGO sets can be pricey, but fret not! This guide will unveil where to find LEGO on sale, ensuring you can indulge in your building passions without breaking the bank.

Supermarkets: Your Unexpected LEGO Destinations

Surprisingly, many supermarkets provide a treasure trove of LEGO deals. ASDA, for instance, stocks a variety of sets, often offering classic brick sets at unbeatable prices. Tesco also regularly features LEGO sets at Clubcard offer prices, with frequent clearance sales. Watch out for Aldi’s Specialbuys, which frequently include LEGO sets priced below the recommended retail price (RRP). Morrisons also regularly offers discounted sets, making your weekly shopping a little more exciting.

Argos:  LEGO Bargains

Argos is another hub for LEGO enthusiasts seeking a good bargain. The retailer often offers discounts up to 25% or even a third off on selected LEGO sets. These offers can vary, so keep an eye on Argos’ LEGO section to nab a fantastic deal.

Smyths: Free LEGO Events and More

Smyths Toys not only provides discounts on a range of LEGO sets, but also hosts free LEGO events. Attendees may even walk away with free mini bags of LEGO. Keep an eye on their event calendar to ensure you don’t miss out.

The Entertainer: For LEGO Discounts and Fun Events

The Entertainer is another great destination for discounted LEGO sets. But the discounts aren’t the only draw. The retailer hosts exciting ‘make and take’ events where you can build your own LEGO creation and take it home.

B&M and BargainMax: More Than Meets the Eye

B&M and BargainMax are also excellent spots for LEGO hunting. B&M sells a wide range of LEGO sets, many priced below the RRP. Meanwhile, BargainMax is known for its discounted LEGO sets, so it’s definitely worth a look.

LEGO: Buying Direct for Points and Deals

Don’t forget the LEGO website itself, which has a dedicated sale section. While the discounts may not be as steep as other retailers, buying direct earns you valuable LEGO points that can be used towards future purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find LEGO sets on sale in supermarkets?

Yes, many supermarkets including ASDA, Tesco, Aldi, and Morrisons regularly stock LEGO sets and often have them on sale or clearance.

Which retailers offer discounts on LEGO sets?

Various retailers offer LEGO discounts. Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, B&M, and BargainMax are known to feature discounted LEGO sets. It’s always worth checking their websites for the latest deals.

Does LEGO have sales on their own website?

Yes, the official LEGO website has a dedicated sale section where you can find discounted items. Additionally, purchasing directly from LEGO allows you to earn points for future purchases.

Are there events or special offers related to LEGO?

Absolutely! Some retailers like Smyths and The Entertainer host LEGO events where they give away free LEGO mini bags or offer “make and take” experiences. Be sure to check their event calendars.

Is it possible to earn points when buying LEGO?

When you buy directly from the LEGO website, you can earn points that can be used on future purchases. This is a great way to save money if you’re a regular LEGO buyer.


Whether you’re a LEGO enthusiast or buying for the children in your life, these popular locations are sure to help you secure a great LEGO deal. So, get out there and start hunting for the perfect LEGO set today!