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Where To Find Halloween Decorations In The UK

In recent years, the UK has seen a surge in the popularity of Halloween. The magic of carved pumpkins, haunted house decorations, and creative costumes has started to captivate the British imagination like never before. For those looking to decorate their home with tombstones for Halloween, outdoor decor, or even Halloween decorating kits, this guide lists some of the best retailers to explore.

TK Maxx & Homesense: Unique and Stylish Halloween Homeware

When it comes to finding unique, high-quality Halloween decorations, TK Maxx and Homesense lead the pack. These stores are sister brands to the American TJ Maxx and offer an impressive range of seasonal homeware that mirrors the eclectic style of their US counterpart.

TK Maxx and Homesense’s Halloween selection often includes unique, decorative pieces that you won’t find elsewhere. Their assortment includes everything from vintage-style glass skulls to ornamental tombstones that add an eerie yet chic feel to your home.

Their offerings also extend to smaller accessories, perfect for adding those finishing touches to your Halloween decor. You’ll find a vast selection of Halloween-themed candles that not only add an atmospheric glow but also bring the autumnal scents into your home.

But what sets TK Maxx and Homesense apart is their range of Halloween-themed cushions and throws. These items allow you to incorporate Halloween into your home in a more subtle, comfortable way. Their stylish designs can add an elegant Halloween touch to your living room or bedroom, balancing the holiday spirit with everyday home decor.

For those in search of Halloween decorations that are a little more unique and stylish, TK Maxx and Homesense should be your go-to destinations. Their varied range guarantees you’ll find something to suit your individual taste, turning your home into a Halloween haven with a difference.

Hobbycraft: For a Creative Halloween

If you’re looking to create bespoke Halloween decorations, Hobbycraft is your go-to place. Known for its extensive arts and crafts selection, it also offers a vibrant range of Halloween-specific items.

Whether you’re seeking Halloween decorating kits or need materials for a DIY project, Hobbycraft has everything you’ll need. Their range includes Halloween-themed craft materials and kits for making decorated pumpkins.

Beyond the traditional decor, Hobbycraft also offers a variety of Halloween crafts, books, and project ideas. This is perfect for families looking to involve the little ones in decoration making or for adults wanting to add a personal touch to their Halloween decor.

From creating unique Halloween garlands to crafting your own ceramic pumpkins, Hobbycraft allows you to bring a unique, homemade touch to your Halloween celebration. It’s the ideal spot for those wanting to add a touch of personal creativity to their Halloween festivities.

Matalan: The Perfect Autumnal Range

While Matalan may not focus strictly on Halloween, it offers a range of autumnal home decor items that can seamlessly blend into your Halloween decorations, providing a cosy and stylish feel.

Matalan’s fall range offers an elegant selection of homewares to warm up your space during the chilly autumn nights. They have a vast collection of cushion covers, throws, and other textiles in rich autumnal hues like orange, brown, and deep red.

In addition to this, they feature decorative pieces such as autumn leaf garlands, ceramic pumpkins, and scented candles that capture the essence of autumn. These items, while not overtly Halloween-themed, can create a warm and cosy ambiance for your Halloween celebrations, contributing to a sophisticated and subtle Halloween feel in your home.

Whether you’re looking for soft furnishings to create an inviting space, or unique trinkets to adorn your shelves and tables, Matalan provides an array of choices that embrace the autumn spirit. The store’s autumnal range is perfect for those looking for a stylish, less overtly Halloween-themed decor approach to this festive season.

The Range: Autumnal and Pumpkin-themed Decorations

The Range is another fantastic destination for finding Halloween decorations in the UK, especially if you’re searching for items with an autumnal theme or centred around pumpkins.

The retailer offers a wide selection of decorations that encapsulate the essence of fall and the spirit of Halloween. Their autumnal collection includes everything from beautifully coloured fall leaf garlands to rustic lanterns that emit a cosy, warm glow, ideal for those chilly autumn evenings.

When it comes to pumpkins, The Range has a comprehensive selection that goes beyond the typical. They offer an array of ceramic pumpkins in various shapes, sizes, and colours, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These decorative items can easily transform your home, garden, or porch into a charming Halloween setting.

In addition to the ceramic pumpkins, The Range also stocks a multitude of pumpkin-themed items, including lights, wreaths, and even themed kitchenware. These pieces are perfect for those looking to infuse a touch of Halloween spirit into every corner of their home.

With a focus on autumnal and pumpkin-themed decor, The Range offers a diverse and stylish selection of Halloween decorations, making it a must-visit retailer in preparation for your All Hallows’ Eve celebrations.

Wilko: A Halloween Party & Decorations Haven

Wilko is renowned as a one-stop-shop for all holiday needs, and Halloween is no exception. They offer an extensive variety of Halloween decorations, catering to every spooktacular theme you can imagine.

Their product range includes everything from spooky garlands to hang across your fireplace, to sets of decorated pumpkins that will create the perfect Halloween atmosphere in your home. They also stock a variety of Halloween lights, from eerie purple hues to the more traditional orange and black, perfect for setting a spooky ambience.

But it’s not just about the decor – Wilko also ensures you’re catered for when it comes to enjoying Halloween treats. They are well-known for their extensive pick and mix section, which becomes a treasure trove of Halloween delights during the season. If you don’t fancy trick or treating or want to provide a selection of sweets for guests, their pick and mix is the perfect option. You can fill up on your favourite sweets, from sour gummies to chocolate delights, making it an irresistible stop for those with a sweet tooth.

The Works: Halloween Crafts and Books Galore

The Works is a haven for those who enjoy getting crafty and immersing themselves in themed books during the Halloween season. Their diverse selection allows you to add a personalised and interactive element to your Halloween decorations and festivities.

The retailer offers a comprehensive range of Halloween crafts that caters to all age groups. You can find everything from simple Halloween decorating kits to more complex projects, which can be a fun and creative activity for the entire family. Whether you’re looking to craft spooky Halloween garlands or create your own decorated pumpkins, The Works has all the materials you need.

Beyond crafts, The Works also provides an impressive selection of Halloween-themed books. Whether you’re looking for a ghostly tale to read under the covers or need a cookbook filled with Halloween-inspired recipes, they’ve got it covered. The Halloween books available offer something for every age group, making The Works a great spot for those looking to combine a love for reading with the Halloween spirit.

M&S: For All Your Halloween Food and Decor Needs

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a well-established retailer in the UK that caters to all your Halloween party needs, from delicious themed foods to charming decorations and baking supplies.

One of the highlights of M&S’s Halloween offerings is their extensive range of themed party foods. The store introduces a collection of Halloween treats each year that are both festive and delicious. Their selection often includes unique items like spooky-shaped sandwiches and cupcakes adorned with edible Halloween icons.

In addition, M&S takes their popular Percy Pig treats and gives them a Halloween twist. The much-loved sweets are often reimagined in Halloween shapes and styles, much to the delight of Percy Pig fans. This novelty makes them a great addition to any Halloween party or a fun treat to enjoy in the lead-up to the holiday.

Beyond food, M&S also stocks a variety of Halloween decorations that can liven up any party. From cute pumpkin-themed plates and napkins to Halloween garlands and balloons, they offer everything you need to host a festive Halloween gathering.

Finally, for those who enjoy baking their own Halloween treats, M&S offers a range of Halloween baking supplies. These include themed cake moulds, colourful icing, and edible decorations. This allows you to add a personal touch to your Halloween celebration, whether you’re baking spooky cookies or creating a Halloween showstopper.

Home Bargains: Affordable Halloween Essentials

Home Bargains is a popular UK retailer known for offering a vast range of products at highly competitive prices. Their Halloween offerings are no exception, with a plethora of affordable decorations, games, and Trick or Treat supplies.

Their collection of Halloween decorations includes everything you need to transform your home for the spooky season. This extends to novelty items like the highly sought-after Glass Sweet Pumpkin Jar and pumpkin-shaped mugs, which are both festive and functional.

When it comes to Trick or Treat supplies, Home Bargains has got you covered. They stock a variety of Trick or Treat baskets in different styles and sizes to suit all ages. From traditional pumpkin buckets to glow-in-the-dark bags, there’s something for every little ghoul or goblin heading out for sweets.

Home Bargains also offers an assortment of Halloween-themed games, perfect for keeping kids entertained during Halloween parties. Their range includes fun activities like ‘Pin the Spider on the Web’ and pumpkin carving kits for a more hands-on approach.

B&M: Animatronics, Costumes and Decor Galore

For those who love to go all out on Halloween, B&M is a treasure trove of Halloween animatronics, costumes, and decorations. They offer an extensive range that caters to both the faint-hearted and those who relish the scare-factor.

B&M’s collection of Halloween animatronics is a definite crowd-puller. These animated decorations range from life-sized witches that cackle when you walk past, to smaller, motion-sensing decorations that give a jump scare when you least expect it. Perfect for turning your home or garden into a haunted house experience, these items add a thrilling element to your Halloween decor.

In addition to animatronics, B&M stocks a wide range of spooky fancy dress costumes. They cater to all ages, with costumes ranging from the classic vampire and witch to more contemporary choices from popular films and TV shows. Their selection ensures that everyone can get into the Halloween spirit, whether you’re trick or treating or hosting a fancy dress party.

Of course, no Halloween would be complete without decorations, and B&M offers a comprehensive selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking for tombstones to adorn your garden or Halloween tree decorations for a spooky touch indoors, you’ll find it all at B&M.

Lights4Fun: Illuminating Your Halloween Celebrations

Lights4Fun is a specialist retailer that excels in providing a wide range of Halloween lighting options to set the mood for your All Hallows’ Eve festivities. Their selection encompasses everything from delicate indoor fairy lights to outdoor lighting animatronics.

The retailer’s collection includes Halloween-themed fairy lights and garlands that add a touch of sparkle to your indoor decor. These range from warm pumpkin-shaped lights to eerier options like tiny glowing skulls or spiders, offering something to suit all Halloween themes.

For a standout piece, consider their glass light-up pumpkins. These unique decorations are not just beautiful during the day, but also emit a soft glow when the sun goes down, adding a whimsical touch to your decor. These glass pumpkins can act as centrepieces for a Halloween dinner party or scattered around your home for a festive touch.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Lights4Fun doesn’t disappoint. They provide a variety of outdoor lighting options, including Halloween animatronics. These are perfect for creating an immersive Halloween experience in your garden, beckoning trick-or-treaters or party guests with a display that’s hard to miss.

ASDA George: Autumnal Homeware and Themed Halloween Items

ASDA George is a top destination for finding autumnal homeware and themed Halloween items in the UK. The retailer boasts an impressive range of products that celebrate the season’s changing colours and spooky themes, making it a great place to shop for Halloween.

Their collection of autumnal homeware reflects the warm hues and cosy aesthetic of the season. From textured throws and cushions in earthy tones to autumn-themed tableware perfect for hosting a Halloween feast, ASDA George provides everything you need to bring the spirit of autumn into your home.

But the real highlight of ASDA George’s Halloween offering is their themed items. In previous years, the retailer has introduced collections inspired by popular franchises like Disney and The Nightmare Before Christmas. These range from themed decorations and tableware to clothing and costumes, catering to fans of all ages.

Whether you’re hosting a Disney-themed Halloween party or simply want to add a touch of your favourite movie to your Halloween decor, ASDA George has you covered. Their wide selection of themed items ensures everyone can celebrate Halloween with a touch of magic.

Aldi: Lighting up Your Halloween

Aldi is a great place to shop for Halloween lighting and decorations. In addition to offering fancy dress options, Aldi has a selection of Halloween lights that are sure to make your home feel eerie and festive.

Poundland: Budget-friendly Halloween Shopping

Poundland offers a range of affordable Halloween decorations and costumes. You’ll find everything from decorated pumpkins to spooky outdoor decor, making it a great choice for those wanting to celebrate without overspending.

Tesco: Halloween Essentials

No Halloween is complete without pumpkins, and Tesco is a reliable spot to get them. In addition to offering a range of Halloween decorations, Tesco is a go-to destination for picking up your carving pumpkin.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, the UK has truly embraced the spirit of Halloween, and this is reflected in the wide range of decorations and themed items available in stores across the country. Whether you’re looking for autumnal decor to warm up your home, spooky animatronics to scare your guests, or themed party food and treats, there’s a retailer that caters to your needs.