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The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars 2023

Unwrap the Magic of Beauty With The Body Shop Advent Calendars

Known for its ethically sourced and naturally inspired beauty products, The Body Shop is a household name worldwide. Beyond their skincare and cosmetics, they also excel in creating beauty advent calendars. This year, they offer three different calendars to make your Christmas truly special: The Advent Calendar of Change, The Advent Calendar of Wonders, and The Advent Calendar of Wishes & Wonders.

What’s Inside The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar 2023?

The Advent Calendar of Change

Starting at £59 and with savings of £59, this calendar is ideal for newcomers to the brand. It features products like Mango Hand Balm, Avocado Shower Cream, and Shea Body Butter. Consequently, it offers a broad overview of the brand’s popular ranges.

The Advent Calendar of Wonders

Next up, priced at £95, this calendar offers a saving of £78.50. It contains premium items like Shea Intense Repair Shampoo and Himalayan Charcoal Skin Clarifying Night Peel. Undoubtedly, this calendar is for the beauty aficionados who want a taste of luxury.

The Advent Calendar of Wishes & Wonders

Lastly, the grandest of them all is priced at £145 but saves you a whopping £105. It boasts a lineup of high-end products like Edelweiss Liquid Peel and Sleep Calming Pillow Mist. Clearly, it’s for those who seek to indulge this festive season.

Comparison Table: Which One Represents the Best Value?

Calendar Type Price Savings Best For
The Advent Calendar of Change £59 £59 Newcomers
The Advent Calendar of Wonders £95 £78.50 Beauty Aficionados
The Advent Calendar of Wishes & Wonders £145 £105 Luxury Seekers

How Much is Each Calendar Worth and Cost?

Although all three calendars offer significant savings, your choice ultimately depends on your beauty routine. A smaller advent like The Advent Calendar of Change ensures you can use all the products while saving money. On the other hand, The Advent Calendar of Wonders and Wishes & Wonders provide more opulent options at higher prices.

Where Can I Buy The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2023?

Available for purchase at The Body Shop retail stores and on their official website, you can easily add one to your Christmas shopping list. If you’re more of an online shopper, third-party websites like Amazon also stock these calendars.

When is The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2023 Available?

The Body Shop retail stores and their official website, they are available now, shop the Body Shop Advents

Some FAQs About The Body Shop

  1. Is The Body Shop Cruelty-Free?
    • Yes, The Body Shop is renowned for its cruelty-free products. They’ve campaigned against animal testing since the 1980s.
  2. Do they use organic ingredients?
    • While not all products are entirely organic, The Body Shop focuses on sourcing ethically and sustainably produced ingredients.
  3. Are their products vegan-friendly?
    • Many of The Body Shop’s products are vegan, but it’s always best to check the label for specific details.
  4. How sustainable is The Body Shop?
    • The Body Shop has a strong commitment to sustainability. They aim to be the most ethical and sustainable global business by 2030.
  5. Can I recycle The Body Shop packaging?
    • Absolutely, the brand encourages customers to return empty containers for recycling through their “Return. Recycle. Repeat.” initiative.
  6. What is The Body Shop’s return policy?
    • The Body Shop usually offers a 28-day return policy for unopened products, but it’s advisable to check the most current policy on their official website.
  7. Do they offer international shipping?
    • Yes, The Body Shop does offer international shipping on their products, although there may be restrictions on some items.
  8. Do they have a loyalty program?
    • Yes, The Body Shop has a loyalty program known as the “Love Your Body Club,” where members can earn points and enjoy exclusive offers.
  9. What types of products do they offer?
    • The Body Shop offers a wide range of products including skincare, cosmetics, body care, hair care, and fragrances.
  10. Is The Body Shop involved in any social causes?
    • The brand has a history of activism and supports various social and environmental causes through its Community Fair Trade program and other initiatives.


In summary, The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendars 2023 offer something for everyone. Whether you are new to the brand or a dedicated fan, there’s a calendar tailored to your needs. While each calendar provides excellent value for money, your ultimate choice will depend on your product usage and budget. Make this festive season unforgettable by indulging in a calendar that suits you best.

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