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Stocard App – The Loyalty Store Cards App


The Stocard app is rapidly transforming the way we manage loyalty cards. In a world where every store offers a loyalty program, managing numerous plastic cards and rewards points becomes cumbersome. Stocard offers a convenient one app solution.

What is the Stocard App?

Stocard is a free loyalty card app available on Android devices and iPhones. It allows users to store all their loyalty cards in one place. Simply scan your loyalty card’s barcode with your phone, and the app stores it digitally. This makes your next shopping trip more efficient and eco-friendly.

The Ultimate Loyalty Card App

The Stocard app stands out as the best store card app to store all your loyalty cards. Its ability to store various cards, including loyalty, membership, and even boarding passes, makes it incredibly versatile. You can collect rewards points, access discounts, and manage all your cards easily.

Adding Cards to Stocard

To add loyalty cards to Stocard, open the app, select ‘Add Card,’ and scan the barcode. For cards without barcodes, manually enter the details. This feature ensures you can add cards from your favourite stores in one app, even if they’re not standard loyalty cards.

The Safety of Loyalty Rewards Cards When Added To The App

Concerns about data security are valid. Stocard prioritises user privacy and security. It employs advanced encryption to protect your data, ensuring that your card information remains secure.

Stocard on iPhone

iPhone users can rejoice as Stocard is fully compatible with iOS. You can store your loyalty cards on your iPhone, making them easily accessible during shopping trips. Integration with Apple Wallet further enhances this convenience.

Paying with Stocard

Although Stocard primarily manages loyalty cards, some stores may allow payment through the app. This feature, however, depends on the store and the region.

Storing Rewards and Membership Cards

Stocard is not limited to loyalty cards. You can store membership cards, rewards cards, and more. This flexibility makes it a comprehensive card assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an App to Store ID Cards?

Stocard focuses on loyalty and membership cards. For ID cards, check for apps specifically designed for secure ID storage.

Can I Store Loyalty Cards on Android?

Absolutely. Stocard is available for Android devices, allowing you to store and manage all your cards easily.

Is Stocard Available for All My Cards?

Stocard primarily supports loyalty, membership, and rewards cards. For other card types, like credit cards, look for specialized apps.

Can I Put Store Cards in Wallet?

iPhone users can integrate Stocard with Apple Wallet. This feature allows you to access your cards directly from the Wallet app.

Is There an App to Save Loyalty Cards on Google Wallet?

While Stocard works seamlessly with Apple Wallet, its integration with Google Wallet varies. Check the app’s latest update for current features.


Stocard is revolutionising the way we handle loyalty cards. With its user-friendly interface, robust security, and compatibility with Android devices and iPhones, it’s the smarter way to manage your cards. Say goodbye to a bulky wallet full of plastic cards and embrace the convenience of Stocard. Download the free app Stocard today and experience a smarter, more efficient way to shop.