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Simply Cook Free Box (Just Pay £1 Delivery)

Introduction to Simply Cook

Have you ever wished for a simpler way to create delicious meals at home without the hassle of extensive ingredient shopping? Simply Cook offers just that. Their innovative recipe boxes bring a new twist to home cooking. Unlike services like HelloFresh and Gousto, Simply Cook provides recipe kits that blend with your cupboard essentials, offering a unique and convenient cooking experience.

What Sets Simply Cook Apart?

Simply Cook boxes stand out in the bustling world of meal kits. Each box contains expertly crafted recipe kits developed by expert chefs. The concept is simple yet effective: you receive the key flavour components, and then add fresh ingredients from your own kitchen. This approach combines convenience with a touch of personal culinary adventure.

Recipe Kits: The Heart of Simply Cook

Each Simply Cook box includes a variety of recipe kits, perfectly measured to ensure a balance of flavours for your meals. These kits can range from global cuisines like Chicken Makhani to Italian classics like Penne alla Rustica. The flexibility to mix these kits with your choice of fresh ingredients means endless possibilities for delicious meals.

Customisation and Dietary Preferences

Catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs, Simply Cook offers options like gluten-free kits. You can tailor your box to suit your dietary preferences, ensuring every meal is not only tasty but also aligns with your dietary requirements.

The Simply Cook Trial: A Tantalising Offer

For new customers, the allure of Simply Cook’s trial box is hard to resist. Imagine getting to try four delicious meals for just £1, with UK delivery included. This trial box lets you experience the variety and ease of Simply Cook without a significant initial investment.

How the Subscription Works

When you opt for the trial, you’re automatically signed up for a monthly subscription. However, the flexibility of Simply Cook means you can cancel your subscription at any time. This hassle-free approach places customer convenience at the forefront.

What You Need To Know

Pricing and Subscription Details

  • The cost of a Simply Cook box after the trial is competitively priced, offering good value for the quality and variety of meals you can prepare.
  • Simply Cook operates on a monthly subscription basis, but you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time.

Contents of the Box

  • Each Simply Cook box comes packed with recipe cards and perfectly measured kits, including culinary pastes, infused oils, and specialist stocks. These are combined with your own fresh ingredients to create tasty delicious meal.
  • Meat is not included in the boxes, allowing you to select your preferred protein or vegetarian options.

Freshness and Quality

  • The pots in Simply Cook boxes are crafted to maintain their flavour and quality until you’re ready to cook.


Simply Cook offers a unique and flexible approach to home cooking. With easy to follow recipes and a diverse range of cuisines, it’s an excellent option for those looking to save time and cook hassle-free meals. Get your first box containing 4 recipe kits For just £1 delivered. You can explore four delicious meals and experience the convenience and variety Simply Cook has to offer. Visit the Simplycook website to start your culinary journey today. You can maybe you subscription at any time simply by logging into your simplycook account.