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Schuh Imperfects – Cheap Shoes, Ex-Display Footwear From £2.99

If you are looking for Cheap Shoes, then Schuh imperfects website maybe the best place to buy your next pair of shoes. If you are looking to save money and buy branded shoes on a budget then Schuh Imperfects is the site for you. There is a huge selection of shoes available with over 1500 pair of shoes discounted.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of school shoes, trainers, boots sandals there are plenty of cheap footwear deals available in both adult and child sizes.

Where can I buy Schuh Imperfects?

You can only buy Schuh Imperfects through the dedicated section on the Schuh website. Prices start from only £2.99 which means you can purchase a pair of bargain shoes for less than the price of a takeaway coffee.

What brands can be found with Schuh Imperfects?

Many brands featured on the Schuh website are available all the shoes available from the Schuh Imperfects section are ex display shoes or imperfect shoes which are unable to be sold at original recommended retail price.

Branded Footwear you can expect to find include: UGG, Polo Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Fred Perry, Converse, New Balance, Ted Baker, Clarks Originals, Puma, Nike & Many More.

How much of a discount can you get with Schuh imperfects?

You can get up to 80% off the original retail price at Schuh Imperfects compared to the main Schuh website.

How Do I Know What the ‘Imperfections’ Are?

Each listing will show photos of the exact shoes you will actually receive, so you can see all the imperfections or individual quirks to each of the shoes. The imperfections vary based each unique product listing. Some shoes may have significant discolouration or smaller imperfections. Heavily discounted items tend to show the most imperfections.

It’s also important to note that most shoes sold, will not come in their original packaging.

Sites like Schuh Imperfects

There are several websites similar to Schuh Imperfects such as Office Offcuts which has a similar offering and is part of the Office retailer. There are also websites like Clarks outlet which focus on selling out of season and older styles stock.

What discounts can I use with Schuh Imperfects?

Unfortunately you can’t use any discounts towards shoes purchased from Schuh Imperfects section, this is because the shoes are already discounted to a bargain price.

Does Schuh Imperfects Offer A Student Discount?

Unfortunately due to the heavily discounted price, student discount can not be used on Schuh Imperfects.

Can I return my Schuh Imperfects if I’m not happy?

Ex-Display bought through the Schuh Imperfects section can not be returned to any of the schuh store as they are one off pairs. However you can return through the website if you are unhappy with your shoes.

In addittion you can not exchange, change the size, colour or style of items ordered due to the items being sold from the ex display section on the Schuh website.

Can I get free delivery on my Schuh Imperfects?

Unfortunately Schuh Imperfects doesn’t provide free standard delivery, instead there is a standard charge of £3.

What kind of shoes will you find?

You will find a range of shoes in all different styles and brands the exact shoes will vary based on what is available. Popular shoes like Converse & UGG Boots

Final Thoughts

Schuh Imperfects is the perfect website for the a thrifty shopper who likes to save money and enjoys a bargain. The