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Makeup Revolution X Emily In Paris 12 Jours De Paris Advent Calendar 2023

Let’s start with Makeup Revolution, a brand renowned for its quality and affordability in the beauty world. The brand partners with the popular Netflix show Emily in Paris, combining chic style with top-notch beauty products. What’s even more exciting is their festive offering: a beauty Advent calendar for 2023. Unlike traditional chocolate-filled calendars, this one is all about enhancing your beauty arsenal.

What’s Inside the Advent Calendar?

At £40, this calendar might seem like a standard investment. However, don’t be fooled by the price. Inside you’ll discover an array of both practical and luxurious items. These include St Tropez 9-pan shadow palette, Mini Shadow Bomb in Champagne, and Black volume mascara to name a few. It’s not just makeup either; there’s also a mini blending sponge and a mini shimmer fixing spray to round out the collection.

Full Contents

St Tropez 9-pan shadow palette
Mini Shadow Bomb – shade Champagne
Black volume mascara
Haute Couture 9-pan shadow palette
Mini blending sponge
Mini shimmer fixing spray
Soft matte lipstick – Chicago Pink Nude
Soft matte lipstick – Paris Berry Red
Mini glow primer
Flutter false lashes
Soft matte lip liner – Chicago Pink Nude
Soft matte lip liner – Paris Berry Red

Pros and Cons

When it comes to benefits, this calendar is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, catering to a wide range of beauty enthusiasts. On the flip side, it’s worth noting that this calendar offers only 12 days of surprises, which may be a letdown for some.

What Are The Best Products Within the Advent Calendar?

Among the treasures, the Haute Couture 9-pan shadow palette stands out for its versatility. Next in line is the soft matte lipstick in two stunning shades: Chicago Pink Nude and Paris Berry Red. Moreover, the mini glow primer will ensure your skin glows as radiantly as the City of Light itself.

How Much Is the Advent Calendar Worth?

Though the calendar itself costs £40, the value of the individual items inside easily surpasses this. Each product is a mini-luxury, and getting 12 of them at this price is a steal. Given that these are limited edition items, their value may also appreciate over time.

How Much Does the Advent Calendar Cost?

Directly from the Revolution website, the advent calendar will set you back £40. Considering the quality and exclusivity of the products, it’s a deal worth indulging in.

Where Can I Buy the Advent Calendar?

The best place to get your hands on this coveted calendar is none other than the Revolution website. Make sure to act fast, as stocks are expected to run out quickly.

When is the Advent Calendar Available?

The advent calendar is available now.


To sum up, the Makeup Revolution X Emily In Paris 12 Jours De Paris Advent Calendar 2023 is a tantalising blend of quality and Parisian flair. For £40, you get cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products that make you look and feel glamorous. Although it only spans 12 days, the value of the individual items more than justifies the cost. Make sure to grab yours directly from the Revolution website before they run out!