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Lidl Plus App – How To Use The Digital Lidl Loyalty Card App

Introduction to the Lidl Plus Loyalty App

In the realm of grocery shopping, the Lidl Plus app emerges as a beacon of savings and convenience. Designed as a free app, Lidl Plus brings a plethora of benefits straight to your fingertips, offering everything from amazing food coupons to loyalty rewards. Let’s delve deeper into how this app can revolutionize your shopping experience at Lidl.

Unpacking the Lidl Plus Loyalty Rewards

At its core, the Lidl Plus app is more than just a rewards app. It stands as a digital version of a traditional loyalty card, but with enhanced features. From enabling customers to find food deals effortlessly to offering a digital Lidl Plus card, the app redefines grocery shopping. With Lidl Plus, customers enjoy personalised information, tailored communication, and the best food deals, making every Lidl visit more rewarding.

The Distinction Between Lidl and Lidl Plus

While Lidl is known for its quality products and great prices, Lidl Plus elevates this experience. It introduces a new dimension to shopping by integrating loyalty rewards, incredible savings, and shopping discounts directly through the app. This free loyalty app not only complements the shopping experience but also enriches it with personalised benefits.

Getting Started with Lidl Plus

Joining the Lidl Plus community is straightforward. Simply download the app, sign up, and your digital Lidl Plus card is ready for use. This digital card is crucial for accessing the myriad of benefits the app offers, from incredible grocery discounts to exclusive Lidl coupons based on your purchase summary and usage behaviour.

Exclusive Perks of the Lidl Plus App

Tailored Savings

Every time you shop, the Lidl Plus app provides personalised grocery coupons and amazing prizes, ensuring you save money while enjoying quality products.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyal customers are rewarded with new rewards, including scratch cards that unveil great prizes, enhancing the excitement of each store visit.

Insightful Features

From tracking technology to relevant surveys, the app offers insights into your shopping habits, allowing for more tailored communication.

Special Offers

Activate special shopping rewards with a simple tap and discover incredible savings on your next shop, from food deals to shopping discounts.

Partner Deals

Enjoy offers from lidl companies and selected partners, providing additional value beyond the traditional grocery shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Activate My Lidl Plus App?

Upon downloading, follow the in-app instructions to activate your account and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Can I Use Lidl Plus in Northern Ireland and Great Britain?

Yes, the app is designed for customers in Northern Ireland, Great Britain, and beyond, catering to a wide audience.

What Makes the Lidl Plus App Stand Out?

Its combination of personalised savings, digital convenience, and loyalty rewards makes it unparalleled in the market.

Is the Lidl Plus App Truly Free?

Absolutely. The app is free to download and use, focusing on delivering value to Lidl’s customers.


The Lidl Plus app represents a significant leap forward in how we think about grocery shopping. It offers a seamless blend of convenience, savings, and personalised experiences. For those looking to enhance their Lidl shopping, downloading the Lidl Plus app is a no-brainer. Embrace the future of shopping with Lidl Plus and enjoy a more rewarding experience every time you visit Lidl.