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Is Club Pret Worth The Price?


Are you a coffee enthusiast? Do you frequent Pret a Manger? Club Pret, the subscription service from Pret, might just be what you’re looking for. This service offers a plethora of benefits, particularly for those who have a Pret nearby. But, is it a cost-effective choice for everyone? Let’s delve into the details.

Understanding Club Pret

What is Club Pret?

Club Pret is a monthly subscription service. It offers unlimited access to a range of drinks from any Pret shop in the UK. This includes coffee, tea, hot chocolates, and more.

How to Join Club Pret

Joining is simple. You just need to sign up through the Pret app. Upon registration, you can enjoy your first month at half the regular price.

The Range of Drinks

As a subscriber, you have access to an array of drinks. This includes barista-prepared drinks, iced drinks, and even some Pret coolers.

Club Pret Discount – How Much Can You Save?

Monthly Fee

The subscription has a fixed monthly fee, currently £30. It’s crucial to consider how often you’ll use it to determine its value.

First Month Half Price

New subscribers can enjoy their first month at half the usual cost. This is a great opportunity to test the service.

Drink Limitations

Subscribers can enjoy up to five drinks a day. However, there’s a 30-minute wait time between each drink.

Comparing Costs

Daily Coffee Drinkers

For daily coffee drinkers, Club Pret offers great savings. If you visit Pret regularly, the subscription pays for itself quickly.

Infrequent Visitors

If you don’t have a Pret nearby or visit infrequently, the subscription might not offer the best value for money.

Additional Benefits

Discounts and Promotions

Club Pret occasionally offers other discounts and promotions, enhancing its value.

Environmental Impact

Using the subscription with a reusable cup can also help reduce environmental impact.

Limitations and Considerations

Shared Use

The subscription is intended for individual use. Sharing it goes against the terms of service.

Drink Selection

While there’s a wide selection, not all drinks are included. It’s best to check the menu for details.

FAQs About Club Pret

How Do I Get 50% Off My First Month at Pret?

New subscribers to Club Pret enjoy their first month at half price. Sign up through the Pret app to access this discount.

What is the Pret 30 Minute Subscription Rule?

With Club Pret, there’s a 30-minute interval between each drink. This rule is to prevent abuse of the subscription.

Is the Pret Subscription Worth It?

For regular Pret visitors, yes. If you frequent Pret and enjoy their range of drinks, the subscription offers significant savings.

Can Two People Use One Pret Subscription?

No. The subscription is meant for individual use. Sharing it is against Pret’s terms of service.

Can I Get Two Coffees at Once With My Subscription?

No, due to the 30-minute rule. You can only order one drink every 30 minutes.

How Does the Pret Coffee Subscription Work?

Subscribe via the Pret app. Then, enjoy up to five drinks a day with a 30-minute wait between each.

How Many Drinks Can I Get Per Month?

You can have up to five drinks a day. This could total around 150 drinks per month, depending on how often you visit.

How Much is the Pret Subscription Per Month?

The cost can vary. Check the latest pricing on the Pret app or website for accurate information.

What Type of Coffee Does Pret Use?

Pret uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Their coffee is known for its strong, rich flavor.

Why is Pret Considered Expensive?

Pret is a premium brand. They focus on quality ingredients and fresh preparation, which can lead to higher prices.

Are Pret Coffees Strong?

Yes, Pret coffees are generally strong and rich in flavor, appealing to those who prefer a robust taste.

Does the Subscription Include All Drinks?

Most hot and cold drinks are included. However, certain premium drinks might not be covered.

How Do I Get 50% Off My First Month at Pret?

Simply sign up as a new subscriber through the Pret app to enjoy your first month at half price.

Can You Share a Pret Subscription?

No, the subscription is designed for individual use only.

Has Pret Increased Prices Recently?

For current pricing information, it’s best to check the Pret app or their official website.


Club Pret can offer incredible value for regular visitors. However, its worth diminishes if you can’t make frequent use of it. Consider your habits and location before subscribing. This way, you can make the most out of Club Pret’s offerings.