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IKEA Buy Back Scheme UK Guide

Understanding the Scheme

IKEA’s innovative Buy Back scheme allows customers in the UK to sell their unwanted IKEA furniture back to the store. Launched as part of their commitment to sustainability and becoming a climate-positive business by 2030, this initiative offers a practical approach to reducing waste and promoting recycling. It’s a great way to replace your old IKEA furniture for something new, whilst giving your used furniture a second life.

How It Works

To participate in the Buy Back scheme, customers must first use the online tool available on the IKEA website. This tool helps to evaluate the furniture’s worth based on its condition. The process involves:

  1. Online Submission: Customers submit their furniture for consideration through an online offer request using the online form. The tool automatically generates a preliminary offer.
  2. In-Store Process: The fully assembled product, along with the preliminary offer, is then brought to the Returns & Exchanges desk at an IKEA store. Note that you may want to check which IKEA stores are offering this service as it is subject to change.
  3. Receiving the Voucher: After inspection, customers receive an IKEA gift card without an expiry date, encouraging mindful purchases.

Furniture Eligibility and Condition Criteria

IKEA’s scheme is quite specific regarding what items can be returned and their condition:

  • Eligible Items: Dressers, office drawer cabinets, small structures with drawers, display storage, sideboards, bookcases, shelf units, small tables, multimedia furniture, cabinets, dining tables, desks, chairs, stools without upholstery, chests of drawers, and children’s products (excluding baby items and PAX accessories).
  • Condition Categories: The furniture’s condition is categorized as ‘As new’, ‘Very good’, and ‘Well used’, each reflecting a different percentage of the original price.
  • Exclusions: The scheme doesn’t accept non-IKEA items, non-assembled items, hacked or modified items, furniture used outside, items containing glass, sofas, armchairs, kitchens, PAX wardrobes, baby furniture, and textile, upholstered or leather items.

Potential Earnings

The amount customers can earn varies based on the item’s condition:

  • As New: 50% of the original price.
  • Very Good (minor scratches): 40% of the original price.
  • Well Used (several scratches): 30% of the original price.

For example, a Billy bookcase in “very good” condition might fetch around £24, whereas in “as new” condition, it could be valued at £30. We recommend using the online estimator to check the potential value of an item. Prices shown are estimate and price may depend on actual quality once checked by the staff.


  • Can you send furniture back to IKEA Stores? Yes, through the Buy Back scheme, customers can return eligible IKEA furniture.
  • Does IKEA sell returned items? Yes, returned items are resold in the As-Is Area of the stores or recycled if unsellable.
  • Does IKEA accept used returns? Yes, as part of the Buy Back scheme, provided the items meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Does IKEA take back built furniture? Yes, but the furniture must be fully assembled and meet the scheme’s criteria.
  • Can you buy second-hand furniture from IKEA? Yes, second-hand items sold back to IKEA are available in the As-Is Area of the stores.
  • Does IKEA recycle old furniture? Yes, items that are not suitable for resale are responsibly recycled.


IKEA’s Buy Back scheme in the UK offers a unique opportunity for customers to participate in sustainable practices, reduce waste, and find value in their used IKEA furniture. It’s a step forward in promoting a circular economy and responsible consumption.