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Iceland Bonus Card Loyalty Scheme Save & Shop Bonus Card Prices

The Bonus Card from Iceland is revolutionising the world of loyalty schemes. Instead of collecting points like other store loyalty cards, this novel scheme lets you enjoy a multitude of benefits just by swiping your card every time you shop.

Acquiring Your Iceland Bonus Card

You can conveniently get your Iceland Bonus Card either digitally or physically. To procure the digital bonus card, simply download the Iceland Bonus Card app. This gives you a scan-able card on your device to use each time you shop.

If you’re more inclined towards a physical card, head to your local Iceland store and pick one up. Once you have it, remember to register it online to activate it.

Maximising Your Bonus Card Usage

To fully reap the rewards of your Bonus Card, make sure to swipe it each time you shop.

Advantages of the Iceland Loyalty Card

Discounts for Seniors

If you’re over 60, enjoy a 10% discount on all items, without a minimum spend requirement every Tuesday. Simply show your senior bus pass, driver’s license or senior railway card at the checkout, scan your Bonus Card, and the discount is yours! Please note that alcohol is excluded from this discount in Scotland due to restrictions.

Savings and Bonuses

Every £20 you save onto your card, Iceland gives you an additional £1! You can save as much or as little as you want, either in one go or in smaller amounts. Spend your savings whenever you wish, either in store or online – perfect for saving up for Christmas or special occasions. Keep track of your balance anytime by checking your till receipt, asking a cashier, or by logging into your online account.

In-store Top Up and Spending

Simply let the cashier know how much you want to save or spend, and they’ll handle the rest. For instance, if you add £20 onto your card, Iceland will reward you with an extra £1 for free!

Online Top Up and Spending

The Iceland Bonus Card scheme also extends to online shopping. The process of topping up and spending your savings is just as straightforward online as it is in-store.

Exclusive Bonus Card Prices

Scan your Bonus Card at the checkout to unlock Bonus Card Prices, saving significantly on your favourite brands. These deals are often highlighted in a special category online, or at the end of aisles in-store for easy location.

Free Home Delivery

Whether shopping in-store or online, the Bonus Card gives you access to free home delivery at a time that suits you.

Special Offers and Winning Chances

Remember to stay alert for special offers and chances to win exclusive prizes when using your Bonus Card.

FAQs: Uncovering the Benefits of the Bonus Card

The Iceland Bonus Card offers an array of benefits that make shopping more rewarding. From exclusive prices to free home delivery, the Bonus Card is a game-changer. Still have questions? Our FAQs section can help!

How Can I Get a Bonus Card?

Anyone over 18 residing in the UK is eligible for a Bonus Card. You can sign up for a Digital Bonus Card online or get a physical card in-store and register your details online.

Can I Use Both the App and the Physical Card?

Absolutely! Both your plastic Bonus Card and the app will work simultaneously, giving you the flexibility to use whichever is most convenient.

What if I Lose My Bonus Card?

Don’t worry, just contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 328 0800 and they will disable your card and arrange for a new one to be sent out.

Where Can I Use My Bonus Card?

You can use your Bonus Card in both Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores. Unfortunately, it is not accepted at The Range at present.

How Can I Save Money with My Bonus Card?

In addition to the fantastic offer of £1 free for every £20 saved, look out for exclusive Bonus Card offers and savings throughout the year. Remember, the more you shop and swipe, the more you save!

Conclusion: Iceland’s Rewarding Shopping Experience

The Iceland Bonus Card delivers a rewarding shopping experience, offering more than just savings. It’s about exclusive deals, free home delivery, and a personalised experience. Sign up today and make your shopping trips more fruitful than ever.