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How To Save Money at McDonald’s


Everyone loves indulging in their favourite McDonald’s meal from time to time. But what if you could enjoy those tasty treats without breaking the bank? In this blog post, we’ll explore various ways to save money at McDonald’s in the UK. From exclusive app offers to student discounts and clever order customisations, there’s something for everyone. So let’s dive in and discover how to make your next McDonald’s visit both delicious and wallet-friendly!

Download the McDonald’s App – App-Exclusive Offers on Mondays

The first step to saving money at McDonald’s is to download their app. Not only will you have the convenience of ordering on-the-go, but you’ll also have access to exclusive offers. Look out for special deals on Mondays, as they often have app-exclusive discounts to kick off the week!

MyMcDonald’s Rewards

Make every McDonald’s visit count by signing up for the MyMcDonald’s Rewards programme. For every £1 spent, you’ll earn 100 points. Accumulate points to redeem against a variety of menu items, helping you save money over time.

Check Your Receipt For Survey – £1.99 Meal Offer!

After making a purchase, don’t throw away your receipt! McDonald’s often provides a survey code, which you can complete online. Once finished, you’ll receive a £1.99 offer, allowing you to enjoy a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich Meal for a discounted price.

Join McDonald’s Newsletter For Offers & Promotions

Sign up for the McDonald’s newsletter to stay informed about the latest offers and promotions. By being in the know, you’ll never miss out on opportunities to save money on your favourite meals.

Student Discount – Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken, or McFlurry® Original

Students, rejoice! By showing a valid student or Student Beans ID, you can enjoy a free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken, or McFlurry® Original when you buy any Extra Value or Wrap Meal. It’s a fantastic way to make your money go further.

Use Cashback Apps Such As Cheddar – 1% Cashback

Pair your McDonald’s purchases with cashback apps like Cheddar to earn 1% cashback on your spend. Every little bit helps, and those savings will add up over time!

Buy Large Meal To Share

If you’re dining with friends or family, consider purchasing a large meal to share. Not only will you save money by splitting the cost, but you’ll also reduce food waste.

Customise Your Order – Often Free Extras

Customise your order to get more for your money. For example, you can often add extra lettuce, onions, or pickles for free. Get creative and make the most of your meal!

Stick To Your Budget – Shop Saver’s Menu for Similar Items

McDonald’s Saver’s Menu offers a selection of lower-priced items that still deliver on taste. Opting for these options will help you stick to your budget without sacrificing flavour.

Look For Discounts On Bus Tickets

Keep an eye out for discounts on bus tickets that offer money-saving deals at McDonald’s. It’s a great way to combine your travel and dining expenses for an even better deal.

Free Coffee with the McCafé Loyalty Programme

As a part of McDonald’s commitment to reward loyal customers, they offer a McCafé Loyalty Programme. When you purchase a hot drink from the McCafé range through the McDonald’s App, you can collect digital stamps. After you have collected five stamps, you will be eligible to receive a free regular hot drink on your next visit. This is a great way to save money if you’re a regular coffee or tea drinker. Make sure to use the app when you purchase hot drinks to collect stamps and enjoy your free beverage.

Utilise Discounts With Delivery Apps – But Note Prices May Be Higher

Take advantage of discounts and promotions offered by food delivery apps like Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. Keep in mind, however, that menu prices may be higher on these platforms. Be sure to compare costs before placing your order to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

20% off for NHS Staff At McDonald’s

NHS staff can enjoy a 20% discount at McDonald’s, making it more affordable to grab a meal on your break or after a long shift. Don’t forget to bring your NHS ID to avail of the discount.

Go Sugar-Free

Choosing sugar-free options, like diet soft drinks, can save you a few pence while reducing your sugar intake. It’s a small but effective way to save money and make healthier choices.

DIY Meal Hack Using Certain Items

Get creative and try a DIY meal hack using cheaper items from the menu. For example, you can purchase a basic Cheeseburger and a side of fries, then add the fries to the burger for a unique, customised meal that won’t break the bank.


As you can see, there are many ways to save money at McDonald’s in the UK. By utilising the McDonald’s app, taking advantage of rewards programmes, and being creative with your meal choices, you can enjoy your favourite fast food without emptying your wallet. So go ahead and treat yourself, knowing you’re making smart, budget-friendly decisions. Happy eating!