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Hello Yummy Box Review

HelloYummyBox is monthly food box full of delicious snacks and treats delivered right to your doorstep. Having being shown the ad multiple times on social media with an offer for £7 we decided to give HelloYummyBox a try!

What’s Inside the Box? (May 2024)

This month’s HelloYummyBox is a treasure trove of 14 unique items, each promising a burst of flavour and a touch of novelty from sweet, savoury and a selection of drinks:

  • Mister Free Tortilla Chips With Chia Seeds: A crunchy, healthful twist on a classic favorite.
  • King Soba Rice Paper: Perfect for creating your own fresh spring rolls.
  • Squashies Drumstick Strawberry & Cream: A sweet treat that’ll take you back to childhood.
  • Tony’s Chocoloney Lil Bits: Indulgent chocolate bites for the ethical eater.
  • Bobon Maman Caramelised Apple Spread: A spreadable delight that’s like autumn in a jar.
  • Just Spices Sweet Allrounder: An aromatic blend to elevate your baking game.
  • Tracklements Indian Mango Chutney: A tangy accompaniment that’s a must for any pantry.
  • Rebellious Pink Lemonade CBD Drink: Refreshing with a twist of relaxation.
  • Selfish Gut Friendly Pop: A soda that’s kind to your gut and your taste buds.
  • Tame and Wild Botanical Drinks: Sip the essence of nature with these infused beverages.
  • Levi Roots Crush Energy Drink: Get a boost of energy with Caribbean flair.
  • Koko Coconut Milk: Dairy-free deliciousness in a carton.
  • Selection Of Tea Bags: A curated collection to please any tea enthusiast.

When you order, you don’t know what you will receive inside your box, but there was a variety of products all of good quality.

Pricing and Welcome Discount

For new customers, the HelloYummyBox is an irresistible deal at just £9 currently (We paid £7 through an advert on social media) but even at £9 the box is incredible value. For those who’ve been bitten by the snack bug and want to continue the journey, a rolling month-by-month subscription is available for £16 and there are options for discounted packages should you wish to have a box over a certain period. The higher price-point does still represent good value for money, there is a risk that some months your box could be full of contents which isn’t too your liking.

Pros & Cons of HelloYummyBox


  • A good selection of snacks to try including new products.
  • A fantastic way to discover new flavours and brands.
  • Convenient and beautifully packaged.
  • An affordable way to treat yourself or a loved one.


  • The surprise element means you might receive something outside your usual taste preferences.
  • Limited ability to customise the contents of the box, whilst I did notice some vegan products the boxes aren’t fully vegan.
  • To cancel or pause your subscription you need to email them, which can take a few days to respond. Whilst support was super helpful, this maybe something to consider.


HelloYummyBox is more than just a box of snacks, it’s an experience that excites the senses and broadens horizons. Whether you’re a foodie, a snack lover, or simply looking to spice up your snack routine, HelloYummyBox is your ticket to a world of flavours.

Remember, new customers get a warm welcome with a special discount, making it the perfect time to join the HelloYummyBox family.