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Half Price Wilko Pick And Mix Dates 2023

Wilko Stores Enter Administration 2023


The Irresistible Offer

When Woolworths left a gap in the sweet aisles of our hearts, Wilko stepped in with a tempting range of Pick and Mix sweets. Featuring a multitude of delectable options, this is your chance to fill a cup to the brim with your favourite sweets, as long as the lid fits, of course. This sugar-filled haven offers a delightful array of sweets that you can pick and mix in cups of various sizes – small, medium, or the more tempting large “share cups”. Of course, we all know these “share cups” are often just for us.

Key Dates for Half-Price Extravaganzas

Although available throughout the year, the best time to delve into this confectionery treasure is during the half price sale. These sales typically coincide with school holidays and last for a one to two-week duration.

A Taste of the Sweet Selection

You’re spoiled for choice at Wilko’s Pick and Mix. Whether your preference is for the chocolatey indulgence of Pink Pigs, the fizzy delight of Bubble Gum Bottles, classic Fried Eggs, enticing Jazzies, whimsical Gummy Teeth, refreshing Cola Bottles, or juicy Gummy Strawberries, you’re bound to find your favourite.

Upcoming Dates:

No confirmed dates. We predict the next half price pick and mix at Wilko will be available sometime August 2023.


What is Wilko’s Pick and Mix?

Wilko’s Pick and Mix is a selection of sweets offered in cups of various sizes – small, medium, or large. Customers can fill their cups with a variety of sweets of their choosing, as long as the lid fits on top.

When does Wilko’s Pick and Mix go half price?

Wilko’s Pick and Mix usually goes half price several times a year, typically coinciding with school holidays. The sales usually last for a week or two.

Is the half price sale currently ongoing?

No, the half price sale is not currently ongoing. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the next sale period.

Can I purchase the Pick and Mix sweets online?

As of now, the Wilko Pick and Mix service is only available in-store. Please visit your local Wilko store to enjoy this service.

Can I pick my own sweets?

Absolutely! The beauty of Wilko’s Pick and Mix is the freedom it gives you to select your own sweets. You can choose from a wide array of options and fill your cup with whatever combination of sweets you fancy. Whether you want a cup full of your single favourite sweet or a diverse mix to keep things exciting, the choice is all yours. Please ensure, however, to use the tongs provided for hygiene purposes.

Is the Pick and Mix hygienic?

Yes, Wilko takes hygiene very seriously. All the Pick and Mix containers are regularly cleaned and the sweets are stored in a way to minimise direct contact. Customers are also asked to use the tongs provided when selecting their sweets to ensure minimal hand contact with the products.

Final Thoughts

Budget-friendly, diverse and absolutely delicious, Wilko’s Pick and Mix half-price sales are events that candy lovers eagerly anticipate. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delectable range of sweets without burning a hole in your pocket.