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Free Weaning Pack From Ella’s Kitchen

Embarking on the weaning journey with your little one is an exciting time. As a mum, you’ll want to explore new textures and tastes with your baby. Ella’s Kitchen offers a fantastic resource to support you: a free weaning pack. This guide will help you claim your pack and provide answers to common questions about Ella’s Kitchen products.

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Free Ella Kitchen Weaning Pack

1. Join Ella’s Friends: First and foremost, to get your free weaning pack, you need to join Ella’s friends. It’s a simple process. Create an account on Ella’s Kitchen website and become a special friend.

2. Fill Out the Form: Once you’ve joined, you’ll find a form to claim your weaning pack. Fill in the necessary details like your address to ensure the pack reaches you.

3. Track Your Pack: After submitting the form, you can track your pack’s journey to your doorstep. This way, you’ll know exactly when to expect your exciting parcel.

What’s Inside the Weaning Pack?

The weaning pack from Ella’s Kitchen is more than just free stuff; it’s a treasure trove of resources. You’ll find yummy recipes, expert tips, and ideas to make mealtimes fun. Plus, there are coupons to save money on future purchases of Ella’s Kitchen products.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can My Baby Eat Ella’s Kitchen? Babies can start enjoying Ella’s Kitchen from around six months old, in line with standard weaning advice.

Do Ella’s Kitchen Pouches Need Warming? It’s not necessary to warm Ella’s pouches; they can be eaten cold. However, if your baby prefers warm food, you can heat them safely.

Supermarket Vouchers and Ella’s Kitchen: Most major supermarkets, including Tesco, accept Ella’s Kitchen vouchers. Always check the terms and conditions of the vouchers for more details.

The Shelf-Life Secret: Ella’s Kitchen pouches last long due to their airtight sealing and pasteurization process, ensuring freshness without preservatives.

Health Aspects: Ella’s Kitchen pouches are a healthy option, made with natural ingredients and no added sugar or salt, catering perfectly to your baby’s nutritional needs.

Quantity for a 6-Month-Old: For a 6-month-old, start with small amounts, gradually increasing as your baby gets used to eating.

Ownership of Ella’s Kitchen: Ella’s Kitchen is a successful brand known for its commitment to healthy, organic baby food.


Claiming your free weaning pack from Ella’s Kitchen is straightforward and opens up a world of fun, exploration, and nutrition for your baby. Join Ella’s friends, fill out a form, and get ready to embark on an exciting weaning journey with your little one!