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The School for Good and Evil: 5 Book Collection £13.50 Online At The Works

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Presenting the riveting 5-book series, “The School for Good and Evil,” where Sophie and Agatha, best friends, journey into the realm of the famed School for Good and Evil. This mythical institution is the destination of vanished children, shaping ordinary boys and girls into storybook heroes and villains. You can also witness this enchanting tale in a Netflix movie adaptation!

Book 1: The School for Good and Evil In the village of Gavaldon, every four years, a pair of girls mysteriously disappear. The folklore tells of these missing children being sent to the School for Good and Evil, where they are moulded into characters of fairy tales – either heroes or villains.

Book 2: A World Without Princes Following their daring escape and the rescue of their classmates from a fate of eternal rivalry, Sophie and Agatha find themselves back in their home, supposed to live their “Happily Ever After.” However, their life doesn’t seem to follow the fairytale script…

Book 3: The Last Ever After The once inseparable friends, Sophie and Agatha, believed their fate was sealed as they parted ways, each with a boy by their side. Little did they know, their fairy tale was about to take a twist, and not just their own.

Book 4: Quests for Glory For the students of the School for Good and Evil, graduating means undertaking the fourth-year “Quests for Glory.” The consequences of success or failure are monumental: eternal adoration or lifelong obscurity.

Book 5: A Crystal of Time In a grave turn of events, a betrayer has overthrown Camelot, condemning the legitimate king, Tedros, to death. While Agatha, Tedros’s queen, narrowly escapes, their friend Sophie gets ensnared. She’s forced into a perilous game as her marriage to the false king looms, and the lives of her friends teeter on the edge.

This Collection includes: • The School for Good and Evil • A World Without Princes • The Last Ever After • Quests for Glory • A Crystal of Time

Product Details: • ISBN: 9780007986019 • Author: Soman Chainani • Publisher: Harper Collins • Format: Book Collection