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Squishmallows Official Collector’s Guide Book £10 At The Works (£8.50 Online With Code)

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The Squishmallows Official Collector’s Guide is the ultimate resource for Squishmallow fans and collectors. This guide provides detailed information about Squishmallows characters, including size, special features, and exclusive content. It also includes a comprehensive list of Squishmallow collections from around the world, with photos and descriptions of each collection. With this guide in hand, Squishmallow fans can keep track of their favorite Squishmallows and easily add to their collections. Whether you are just starting a Squishmallow collection or have been collecting for years, the Squishmallows Official Collector’s Guide is an invaluable resource for all Squishmallow enthusiasts. Get your copy today to start your journey as a Squishmallow collector!