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Elmer 10 Kids Picture Book Bundle (Online Only) £10 At The Works


Looking for an amazing value on high-quality book collections? Look no further than The Work’s expertly curated Book Bundles offer a hand-picked selection of top-notch products, all at incredible prices.

One of our featured collections is centered around the beloved children’s book character, Elmer. Elmer is different from the other elephants; he’s patchwork! Kids will love following Elmer’s adventures as he learns to embrace his uniqueness and celebrates his individuality.

This Elmer Book Bundle includes 10 titles, including “Elmer,” “Elmer and the Gift,” “Elmer’s Birthday,” “Elmer and the Lost Teddy,” “Elmer and the Rainbow,” “Elmer and Wilbur,” “Elmer and the Tune,” “Elmer and the Race,” “Elmer and the Lost Treasure,” and “Elmer and the Bedtime Story.” Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!