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Costa Coffee’s Festive Menu 2023

Christmas isn’t just a season; it’s a feeling. This year, Costa Coffee aims to capture that festive essence with its captivating menu. Starting 2nd November, your favourite coffee shop will be a winter wonderland of scrumptious drinks and treats. After all, Santa isn’t the only one delivering joy this holiday season.

Your Favourite Dessert in a Cup

Let’s talk about the UK’s beloved Sticky Toffee Pudding. This dessert won hearts last year, so why not sip it? Costa Coffee presents the new Sticky Toffee Latte and its iced variant. These drinks feature a luscious sticky toffee sauce, a light whip and a finishing touch of bronze dust.

Seasonal Favourites: The Return and the Newcomers

The Roasted Hazel Latte and Hot Chocolate are the new kids on the block. They offer a balanced taste of hazelnut and chocolate, making them your perfect winter companions. Additionally, fan-favourites like Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Hot Chocolate and After Eight® Hot Chocolate are back with their irresistible sides.

A Savoury Winter Feast

This year, the savoury selection is as festive as ever. The Pigs and Blankets Toastie is an innovative take on a Christmas dinner staple. For our vegan friends, the Vegan Turkey and Trimmings Toastie promises a holiday delight. Each toastie pairs wonderfully with the new Sticky Toffee Latte, making your meal a full festive experience.

Indulge Yourself

It’s the season for sugary pleasures, and Costa Coffee has you covered. The Belgian Chocolate Ganache Cake and Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake are sinfully good. For something lighter, the All Butter Mince Pie and Vegan Mince Tart offer traditional flavours with a twist. And let’s not forget, the Christmas Cake Slice is perfect for vegans.

Take the Festive Joy Anywhere

Whether you’re Christmas shopping or busy decorating, Costa Express machines offer you the same festive flavours. Speciality drinks like the Sticky Toffee Latte are available even at Shell petrol stations. Furthermore, Tesco and Asda stores stock Costa’s limited-edition gingerbread latte sachets and pods.

Unwrapping the Spirit with Festive Cups

Costa Coffee is going eco-friendly with its takeaway cups this year. Made from plant-based materials, these cups feature festive designs, adding a sprinkle of holiday magic to every sip you take.

A Message from Costa Coffee

Naomi Matthews, the Food Innovation Director at Costa Coffee UK & Ireland, says, “Tree-t yourself this Christmas with Costa Coffee’s new festive menu!” The delightful blend of new and returning favourites aims to make this holiday season unforgettable.

So there you have it, a menu that turns Costa Coffee into a haven of holiday delights. With such a plethora of choices, it’s easy to find something to love. Cheers to a season filled with warm drinks, cosy atmospheres, and festive treats.

The Full Costa Festive Menu


  • Sticky Toffee Latte
  • Sticky Toffee Iced Latte
  • Roasted Hazel Latte
  • Roasted Hazel Hot Chocolate
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Hot Chocolate
  • After Eight® Hot Chocolate
  •  Gingerbread and Cream Latte
  • Black Forest and Cream Hot Chocolate (For Costa App Customers Currently)


  • Pigs and Blankets Toastie 
  • Vegan Turkey and Trimmings Toastie
  • Honey Roast Ham and Wensleydale Ciabatta
  • Melton Mowbray Pork Pies
  • Sausage Roll
  • Brie Bacon and Cranberry Panini
  • Brie and Cranberry Toastie
  • Turkey and Trimmings Toastie
  • Turkey Feast Sandwich

Cakes & Treats

  • Belgian Chocolate Ganache Cake
  • Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake
  • Christmas Cake Slice
  • Polar Bear Gingerbread Biscuit
  • Christmas Tree Shortcake Biscuit 
  • Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bag
  • Clotted Cream Fudge bag
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Muffin
  • Gingerbread Muffin
  • White Chocolate Trillionaire’s Slice
  • Crispy Festive Wreath.