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Coca Cola Christmas Truck (UK Tour Dates & Locations 2023)

With the first whisper of November frost, the much-awaited Holidays Are Coming advert graces our screens. The star? The beloved Coca Cola Christmas Truck, ready to embark on its yearly festive tour across the UK spreading cheer and doling out refreshing cans of Coca Cola Zero across the UK.

The truck, resplendent in red and shimmering with thousands of lights, heralds the start of the festive season. From Scotland’s sweeping highlands to the quaint English countryside, it brings the magic of Christmas to every doorstep.

Visiting the Coca Cola Christmas Truck

There are many reasons why the Coca Cola Christmas Truck is a must-visit during the holiday season. As seen in the iconic #HolidaysAreComing advert, this truck is not just a vehicle, but a harbinger of festive joy and togetherness.

Festive Atmosphere

Firstly, the Coca Cola Christmas Truck, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, is an absolute sight to behold. Its appearance alone is enough to ignite the Christmas spirit in every spectator. It creates a magical atmosphere that brings joy to children and adults alike, making it the perfect family outing.

Free Coca Cola Zero

Secondly, visitors to the truck are treated to complimentary Coca Cola Zero. This sugar-free, fizzy treat retains the classic Coca Cola taste, adding to the excitement of the occasion. Enjoying a refreshing Coca Cola Zero, while taking in the truck’s festive spectacle, is an unforgettable experience.

Community Spirit

Visiting the Coca Cola Christmas Truck also fosters a strong sense of community spirit. The truck’s journey across the UK, as depicted in the #HolidaysAreComing advert, symbolises Coca Cola’s commitment to spreading happiness far and wide. It brings together communities, creating a shared sense of anticipation and celebration.

A Beloved Tradition

Lastly, visiting the Coca Cola Christmas Truck has become a beloved tradition for many. The sight of the truck winding its way through their town or city marks the beginning of the Christmas season for many people. It’s a festive custom that transcends generations and is a cherished part of the holiday season.

In essence, visiting the Coca Cola Christmas Truck is a unique and joyful experience. It encapsulates the magic of the festive season, making it an unmissable event during November and December.

Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour Dates 2023

The Coca Cola tour dates have yet to be released.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Coca Cola Christmas Truck?

The Coca Cola Christmas Truck is a decorated lorry that tours the UK in November and December. As featured in the iconic #HolidaysAreComing advert, it is adorned with festive lights and brings joy and Coca Cola Zero to communities across the country.

2. When does the Coca Cola Christmas Truck start its tour?

The Coca Cola Christmas Truck begins its journey in early November and continues throughout December, spreading the Christmas cheer during the holiday season.

3. Where does the Coca Cola Christmas Truck visit?

The Coca Cola Christmas Truck tours throughout the UK, visiting various cities, towns and villages. The exact route changes every year, but Coca Cola aims to reach as many communities as possible.

4. Can I get a free Coca Cola Zero at the truck?

Yes, at each stop on the tour, Coca Cola distributes free bottles of Coca Cola Zero to the crowd. It’s part of the festive experience and allows people to enjoy the taste of Coca Cola without the sugar.

5. Is the Coca Cola Christmas Truck suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! The Coca Cola Christmas Truck is a family-friendly event and suitable for all ages. From the young to the young at heart, it’s an unforgettable part of the festive season that delights everyone.

6. What is the #HolidaysAreComing advert?

The #HolidaysAreComing advert is an annual holiday commercial from Coca Cola. It features the iconic Coca Cola Christmas Truck, festooned with lights, touring the UK and distributing Coca Cola Zero to the delight of onlookers.

7. When does the #HolidaysAreComing advert air?

The #HolidaysAreComing advert typically begins airing in early November, marking the start of the festive season, and continues throughout December.

8. How long has the #HolidaysAreComing advert been running?

The #HolidaysAreComing advert first aired in the mid-90s and has become a staple of the festive season ever since, being updated and refreshed over the years.

9. Where can I watch the #HolidaysAreComing advert?

The advert is broadcasted on television during the festive season. It can also be found on Coca Cola’s official YouTube channel and social media platforms.

10. Does the Coca Cola Christmas Truck from the #HolidaysAreComing advert really tour the UK?

Yes, the Coca Cola Christmas Truck featured in the advert really does tour the UK. It travels around the country during November and December, sharing festive cheer and Coca Cola Zero.