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Boots Points Events 2023 – Triple & Double Point Dates On Boots Advantage Card


Are you a shopping aficionado who never misses a chance to save money? Then it’s about time you get familiar with the Boots points events this year! Get the low-down on when and how to make the most of your advantage card points. Don’t let these exclusive deals slip through your fingers!

How To Sign Up For A Boots Advantage Card

Joining the Boots Advantage scheme is a cinch. Simply visit your local Boots store, or, for even more convenience, sign up online. Once registered, you’ll receive your advantage card number, granting access to a world of savings and exclusive deals.

Download The Boots Advantage Card App

Stay ahead with the Boots app. Available on Google Play, this must-have tool lets card holders instantly view their points balance, access exclusive competitions, and receive personalised offers right on their devices. Plus, you’ll never miss a points event again!

When Is The Next Boots Points Event 2023

The next eagerly awaited Boots points event is expected soon. Mark your calendars, as advantage card holders stand to gain with double and triple points on their purchases during this period.

Boots Points Events

A staple for smart shoppers, Boots Points Events offer a prime opportunity for card holders to collect more advantage card points with every purchase. Whether you’re buying health products or Boots kitchen appliances, these events are a can’t-miss!

Boots App Bonuses

Beyond tracking points, the Boots app offers a plethora of bonuses. Expect extra points, discounts on big brands, and access to the parenting club. A treasure trove awaits when using Boots advantage card!

Boots Points Events to Look Out For

While specific dates might change, the trend is clear. Watch out for double points events and even the occasional triple points event. Stay tuned to the Boots app or in store announcements so you don’t miss out!

Boots Points Event Dates 2023

Upcoming Dates Will Be Displayed Here

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How much are boots points worth 2023?

In 2023, the value remains consistent. For every point you collect, you get 1p off in-store. Hence, 100 points equate to £1. It’s shopping with a price advantage!

Look for Extra Savings

Beyond the points, savvy customers can benefit from special discounts, cashback offers, and exclusive in store deals. Don’t forget to check online pages and free links for even more ways to save.


How Many Boots Points Per £1?

For each £1 spend, you earn 3p or 3 Points as each point is worth 1p.

How much is 1000 points in Boots worth?

A whopping £10!

Where can I spend my Boots Advantage points?

Any Boots store across the UK or online, but they can only be used for full payment.

Do Boots points expire?

If you don’t use your Boots Advantage card within 12 months you may loose any points.

Can I use my Boots points to buy a gift card?

Boots points can be spent on most purchases in store. However, they can’t be used on prescriptions, infant milks (up to six months), insurance, gift cards, or 5p plastic bags.


The Boots Advantage Card offers a course of undeniable benefits for regular shoppers. From points events to exclusive in-app deals, you stand to save significantly. So, don’t wait – dive into the Boots world today!