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Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar 2023

An Introduction to Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is renowned for its irresistibly quirky products that serve up instant beauty solutions. Known best for their innovative brow products, this year, they’ve crafted a special beauty advent calendar for makeup enthusiasts. Dubbed the “All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar,” this is a must-have for your holiday season.

What’s Inside the All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar 2023?

Unveiling what’s behind each door is always the highlight of any advent calendar. This year is no different. The All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar for 2023 contains 24 beauty treats worth a staggering £281. Specifically, this selection encompasses bestsellers for brows, face, lashes, and lips. Open a door each day for a holiday beauty surprise!

What Are the Best Products Within the All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar?

Certainly, with 24 items, there’s no shortage of products to fall in love with. Nevertheless, it features four full-sized items that will instantly catch your eye. The Roller Lash mascara and the Multi-Tasking Cheek Brush are just a couple of the full-sized products that offer real bang for your buck. Additionally, you’ll find travel-sized fan favourites like Benetint and BADgal BANG! mascara.

The Value and Cost

So, how much does all this beauty cost? Priced at just £145, the All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar promises you a remarkable 49% saving. In short, you’re getting £281 worth of products for a fraction of the price.

Where to Buy and Availability

Wondering where you can snag this limited edition gem? You can purchase it from Benefit Cosmetic’s official website or from select retail partners. Be quick, as these are limited edition and only available in limited quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar include Benefit’s best-selling products?
    • Yes, it includes their bestsellers for brows, face, lashes & lips.
  2. What sizes are the products in the calendar?
    • Four full-sized, six minis, and fourteen are fun-sized.
  3. Is it worth getting this beauty advent calendar?
    • Absolutely, you save over 49% on beauty bestsellers.

In Conclusion

To summarise, the All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar by Benefit Cosmetics is an extraordinary package of value. For just £145, you get 24 bestselling beauty surprises worth £281. What’s more, these are not just throwaway items but bestsellers and fan-favourite products. Make your holidays merry and your beauty game strong with this amazing advent calendar.