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10 Ways to Stay Warm At Home and Reduce Your Heating Bill!

The cold weather is here and it’s time to bundle up with some cozy clothes, a hot drink and stay inside. But if you’re trying to cut down on your heating bill this year, you might be wondering what other ways you can stay warm at home. Check out these 10 tips for staying warm at home without turning up the heat!

Layer Your Clothes

Wearing multiple layers is one of the most effective ways to keep warm without using your heat. It’s always a good idea to layer your clothes, starting with an undershirt, then a long sleeve shirt, and finally a sweater or jacket. This will ensure that you stay as warm as possible without turning up the heat too high.

Keep Your Hands Warm

Cold hands are an unfortunate side effect of staying inside on cold days. To stay warm, try putting on gloves or mittens before you head out in the cold. If your hands are already cold from being outside, try running them under hot water for a few minutes to warm them up before continuing to go about your day. Finally make sure that you have handwarmers available to take with you wherever you might need them!

Wear A Hat

This tip might sound obvious but it goes so much farther than just keeping your head warm! Head coverings also do wonders for keeping your neck and face warmer during those cold winter months. Wearing a hat over a scarf can be enough if it’s not too chilly outside but if it is windy or snowy, bundling up with a winter hat and scarf will do more than just keep you warm- they’ll also protect your skin against chapping and frostbite!

Sleep With A Blanket On Top Of You

Keeping your bedroom warm at night will help you sleep better. When you sleep, your body temperature drops by a few degrees and being too cold can keep you from reaching REM sleep. So, make sure to go to bed with a blanket on top of you if it’s chilly in the room or if you want to keep the heating bill down.

Create A Cozy Corner

There are a lot of ways to create a cozy corner in your house. You can buy furniture that adds some warmth, like a rug or a chair, or you can use decor items like throws and pillows. Pinterest is full of ideas for cozy corners!

Get Some Warm Blankets

It’s easy to get into the habit of only having one blanket on hand because it’s not always cold enough to justify buying more. But when it does get chilly, all it takes is one night with no blankets for your body to be craving them again the next day! To avoid constantly buying new blankets (and heating bills), make sure you have an extra set ready and waiting in case. And don’t forget about pet beds! They’ll need an extra layer when winter hits too!

Wear Socks & Slippers Around The Home

It might sound a little funny, but some of the best ways to stay warm at home is by being in your socks and slippers. It’s a small thing that can make all the difference when you’re feeling chilled.

Wearing socks will keep your feet nice and warm, while slippers will keep your toes cozy. If you need extra warmth from your feet up, layer on some wool socks or fuzzy socks over top of what you’re already wearing!

Adjust Your Thermosat

One of the biggest ways that you can save on your heating bill is by adjusting the thermostat in your house. If you are trying to save money and still stay warm, try lowering the temperature down a few degrees. You can adjust it for different times of day. For example, if you wake up early, you could set it to a lower temperature than during the evening when you’re home from work. You’ll find that most people like to be at around 68-72 degrees in the morning, but as we get ready for bed, our body temperature drops and we want it warmer – usually somewhere between 72-75 degrees. If you’re looking for more ways to cut costs this winter season, keep reading!

Stay Hydrated

The winter weather is dry and it can take a toll on your skin and hair. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated and moisturized, which is especially important if you have dry skin or hair.

A cup of hot cocoa doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions! Drinking something hot anytime it’s below negative degrees can help keep you warmer.

Block Of Drafts

One of the easiest ways to stay warm at home is to block drafts. Drafts are responsible for adding a lot of warmth to a home, so it’s important to identify where they might be coming from. Some common sources of drafts are open windows and doors, faulty plumbing or cracks in the foundation.

Block these by using insulation or by adding weather stripping around windows and doors. Make sure you check your house for other areas that could be allowing cold air in and seal them off as well.

This will help keep your home warmer, reduce your heating bill and also help prevent mold growth inside your walls!